Stainless Steel Microdosing Scale

Weight 227 g

16,99 incl. VAT

Stainless Steel Microdosing Scale

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This electronic kitchen scale made of stainless steel 200g/0.01g is ideal for weighing your truffles or mushrooms. It comes with a handy weighing tray.

In addition, the kitchen scale has 2 useful functions: the tare function and the counting function in case you want to count your truffles.

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Weighs between 0 and 200 grams, accurate to 0.01 grams
High-quality LCD screen
Readings in: grams, ct, tl, Oz, and gn
Includes tare function
Includes counting function
Includes plastic holder
Operates on 2x AAA batteries (not included)
Automatic shutdown to save batteries


With this mini scale, you can measure any weight between 0 and 200 grams with an accuracy of 0.01 grams. Ideal if you want to know exactly what dose you are using for precise microdosing. This mini scale is also suitable for weighing other things such as jewelry, tea, and medicines.


This mini scale comes with no less than 2 useful functions. The first function is the tare function, with the included plastic weighing tray you always have a handy weighing tray. Place the plastic weighing tray on the mini scale and press the tare function. The mini scale will now calibrate so that the weight is accurate again to 0.01 grams when you put something in the weighing tray. The second function available is the counting function. Place what you want to count one by one in the tray and conveniently use the counting function.

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